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In the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguity (VUCA) world today, many industry players are exploring newer ways to remain competitive. The advent of Industrial Revolution 4.0 coupled with the rapid development of Internet of Things (IoT) and big data and analytics, are disrupting traditional business processes into more sophisticated digital business processes. The use of technology is no more a fanciful approach but a contemporary lifestyle impacting many sectors, including the construction sector. Since the construction sector played an important role in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Malaysia, it is only timely that the digital transformation of the construction sector is enhanced to improve its productivity at the national level and also its future competitiveness in the near future.

In this regard, we would like to propose a specific programme that will enhance the digital transformation of the construction sector and consequently providing competitive advantages to the industry in the long run.

Through this programme, participants will not only be able to have a better understanding on digitalisation of their businesses, but more importantly gain competitive advantages with the potential costs savings, lower risks and reduced wastages in managing the construction business.



The primary objective of this programme is to enhance the understanding of the key players on the disruption of technology in the construction sector, and how the key players can participate in the digital transformation of their businesses, and gain competitive strategic advantages in the industry.

Specifically, at the end of this programme, participants will be able to :

✔ Understand better the disruption of technology impacting businesses today,

✔ Enhance understanding on the digital transformation of the construction business,

✔ Understand the processes of digital transformation in construction,

✔ Improve understanding on big data and analytics,

✔ Learn new tools and techniques in business data analytics

✔ Gain insights on construction analytics and its application today




The programme for both session will be from 9am till 1pm, including one coffee break and lunch.

Session 1: (9am-10.30am)

✔ Technology disruptions in business environment

✔ Digital transformation in business

✔ Big data and data analytics

✔ Types of business analytics

✔ Advantages & benefits of data analytics

Session 2: (11am-12.30pm)

✔ Digital Adoption in construction

✔ Construction analytics

✔ Speedbrick Solution

✔ Benefits of construction analytics



At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

• Engage their clients and stakeholders effectively,

• Make faster decision making on project

• Gain greater transparency of project management & operations,

• Optimize the management of operations of the project,

• Save Costs on projects of about 5% – 20%,

• Lower risks in project delays and completion,

• Reduce wastage of resources




The methodology of this programme includes:

o Power point presentations

o Video presentations

o Case studies

o Construction analytics solution

o Interactive workshop sessions

Notes and reading materials will be provided to the participants.





Building Developers



Project Management Directors

Project Site Manager

Project Engineers

Project Financial Officer

Contract Administrator



RM 149 per pax

RM199 per pax (walk in participant)

This fee includes one coffee break, one lunch, notes and handouts on digital transformation, big data and construction analytics.



1st session:

Datuk Seri Dr. Md Zabid Haji Abdul Rashid is the Business Advisor of DSMZ Academy sdn Bhd. He obtained B.Sc (Agribusiness) from UPM, M.Sc from University of London), DEA from University of Aix-Marseille, Doctor of Sciences in Management from University of Aix-Marseille/ ESSEC, France. He has more than 30 years experiences in managing institutions including training, consultancy and research in business research, business analytics, strategic management, competitive strategies, business ethics and social responsibility, marketing research and strategy, entrepreneurship and SMEs, and higher education management. Published more than 150 articles in international journals, conferences, books, chapters in books, Malaysia and abroad with more than 2,250 citations worldwide. Also a board member of several companies and NGOs including Chartered Management Institute (CMI), U.K, Malaysia Regional Board, and Persatuan Muafakat One Belt One Road (PMOBOR)/ One Belt One Road Association Malaysia.

2nd Session

Teoh Pui Mun is the Partner of Speedbricks Solutions. She obtained her LLB. from University of Liverpool, and LLM in International Commercial Law from University of Birmingham. She is an Associate at the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb). CIArb membership is an internationally recognised professional status in Alternate Dispute Resolution. She was involved in several arbitral and other ADR processes. She also has extensive experience in construction disputes. Further, she has extensive experience working in the construction industry with key stakeholders like contractors, project managers, quantity surveyors, information technologists, telecommunication services, supply of goods, Sales & Purchases, Trading & Marketing, Real Estate (Land/ Properties, Tenancy, Conveyancing).

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Digital Transformation & Data Analytics in Construction Industry (CIDB)

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