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E-Commerce business start-up course is a new business revolution in this digital economic age.

Today, more than half of the online business owners do not have suf cient business knowledge on how to operate an online business or do not know what products should be sold or can be sold through online. Further, almost one third of the online business operators only have theoretical knowledge but do not have practical insights on how to do it in practice. As such, only a small percentage of these online business owners are able to conduct their business well in a professional and pro table manner.

DSMZ BEEP therefore provides you an opportunity to learn in a more systematic and practical approach so that you be will be able to launch your online business successfully. Through this training, you will be provided not only a theoretical knowledge of E-Commerce but also team learning support to ensure the effective implementation of your E-Commerce business. You do not have to worry about what products to sell and how to sell those products online. We will provide you the necessary support and coach as we have identi ed more than 1 million products that can be sold online.

All we need is your commitment, positive attitude, team work, hard work and dedication to ensure the success of your online business project. We also require you to have a laptop, smart phone and access to internet services in your area.

Programme Outcome:

Participants should, at the end of the course,
• Understand the basic foundations of E-Commerce, and business operations
• Learn how to open an online E-Commerce business account, and related work activities
• Understand better the key success factors of E-Commerce operations, logistics, marketing and optimizing sales-revenue targets
• Improve understanding on how to use data analytics and enhance customer services

• A step by step guide to setup an E-Commerce store
• Developing digital marketing strategy for products and promotions
• Product management strategy
• Managing online transaction processes
• Enhancing pre-sales communications
• Customer relations strategy
• Advanced customer services

Power point presentation, Hands on Training Session, Interactive work exercises & Q&A classroom style workshop

Who Should Attend:
• Small business owners/ Entrepreneurs
• Students
• Unemployed
• Interested to earn extra income

DSMZ Business Education E-commerce Platform (BEEP)

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